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We are located on John’s St in Kilkenny city centre’s main entertainment hub. Kilkenny is centrally located, and more importantly, easy to get to. From Dublin, Waterford, Cork, the Midlands - All over - it’s just a short trip away. The compact layout of the city itself with just a short walk between pubs, bars and restaurants - it makes it the ideal choice for any party venue. Above all else, Kilkenny is known worldwide for its welcoming atmosphere, and buzzing night life.


What We Do

Become a cocktail master in this 90 minute interactive session


Our Classes generally start between 12pm and finishing by 6pm and last between one hour to one and a half (depends on numbers attending) and is held in our cocktail bar. During that time you will learn a bit of history and the origins of Cocktails as well as different techniques of making alcoholic mixed beverages.
Our program involves both theory and the practical side of making Cocktails.

Our class gives everyone of the group the opportunity to make their own cocktail behind our cocktail bar.

Our standard cocktail class package cost is €25.00 euro per person and includes two cocktails and a warm up shot, or we can create a customized class to meet your needs and budget.

Our Mixologists holding the classes will also provide wrist bands for the group which will entitle you to discount cocktails and shots in Biddy Earlys or The Dylan Whisky Bar for the night. These wristbands are included in the price quoted.
Here is a sample of some of our Cocktail Class Menu

Passion Fruit Cosmopolitan

Cranberry juice
Lime juice
dash of sugar syrup (opt.spoonful of caster sugar)
Build all the ingredients in a shaker, shake well & strain into chilled Martini glass garnish it with a flamed orange zest

Pear and Berry Martini

Cranberry juice
Cherry syrup
Dash of sugar syrup (opt.spoonful of Caster sugar)
Build all the ingredients in a mixing glass & strain into chilled martini glass, garnish it with a lime twist


White rum
Lime juice
Sugar syrup
5-6 mint leaves
crushed ice
mix together Lime and sugar in your serving glass
place 5-6 mint leaves in the glass and press them down gently using a muddle
add a scoop of crushed ice followed by alcohol and give it a quick stir just to turn over the mint, top it up with more crushed ice and garnish

Strawberry Daiquiri

White rum
Dash of lime juice
Strawberry puree
place all the ingredients in the blender and blend until smooth
pour it into Margarita or Martini glass
Garnish with a Strawberry


Lets take you back to the era of Prohibition and the birth of cocktails - back to 1920's USA for this themed 90 minute cocktail making session. As well shaking, straining and muddling your way through some classic cocktails, the session includes party games, tricks and even fancy dress items for you and your guests to keep. The class includes over two cocktails per person plus welcome drinks.
Here is a sample of some of our Prohibition Cocktail Master class Menu

Mary Pickford

White rum
Unsweetened pineapple juice
1/2 teaspoon grenadine
Stir with cracked ice and strain into chilled glass with cherry.

The Monkey Gland

Orange juice
2 dashes grenadine
2 dashes Absinthe substitute (Pernod or Benedictine)
Orange peel for garnish
Shake with ice and strain into glass adding peel.

Old Fashioned

1 sugar cube
1 tsp water
2 dashes Angostura Bitters
2-3 ice cubes
Thin-cut lemon peel
Muddle one sugar cube with water and and Angostura Bitters in bottom of a glass until sugar dissolves.
Add whiskey (or popular straight Rye, Bourbon or Scotch) and stir. Add ice cubes and stir then squeeze lemon peel over and drop in. Let sit for minute.

The White Lady

lemon juice
Mix ingredients in cocktail shaker with ice.

Whiskey Tasting

Our standard tasting consists of 5 half ounce pours of Irish Malt Whiskey for €20. We will choose this menu which will feature 3 single malts plus our malt of the month and you get to choose the final one from our connoisseurs choice of single malts, we can create a customized mat to meet your need and pocket.
Here is a sample of some of our Whiskey Tasting Mats, they vary in price depending on choice.

The Barrel Selection

America’s top selling brands, Jim Beam Black, Wild Turkey Rare Bread, Jack Daniels Single Barrel, Woodford Reserve and Knob Creek.

The Irish Five

Greenspot, The Irishman's, Connemara, Redbreast 12 year old, Powers Johns Lane.

The Jameson Family

5 blends from the Middleton Distillery. Jameson 12, Jameson Select Reserve, Jameson Signature Reserve, Jameson Gold and Jameson 18y/o.

The Glenmorangie Family

Glenmorangie Original, Lasanta, Quintan Rubin, Nectar d'Or and 18 years.

Whisky & Chocolate

4 whiskeys paired with Kilkenny’s Truffle Fairy Chocolates.


Finger Foods
from €5 per person

We offer a range of party sharing baskets piled high with finger food favourites including Chicken goujons, wings, drumsticks, selection of sandwiches, garlic breads, pizzas and much more.... (Min. order 10 people)

Bottles of Prosecco
from €25.00 per bottle

Our delicious Italian prosecco is a great value alternative to Champagne, why not add some bubbles to your celebration.

Bottles of Champagne
from €35.00 per bottle

Nothing beats a celebration more than a bottle of bubbly! Why not Pre-order a chilled bottle for your party.

Cocktail Pitchers
from €20.00 per pitcher

All of our Academy’s Cocktails are available in our unique cocktail pitchers and Cocktail Fish Bowl’s which are perfect to share. Add this option and choose from any Standard pitcher or Fish Bowl.

Get In Touch

All classes are over 18s only. Our classes are Fun and Enjoyable and a great way to start your evening.

or please use contact form.


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The Cocktail Academy Kilkenny is involved in initiatives that remind consumers about drinking responsibly and help to tackle alcohol misuse. For much of this work, we collaborate in partnership with the other leading drinks companies in industry-funded organizations around the world that remind consumers to drink responsibly and help tackle alcohol misuse.

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